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Fundraising Program


Fundraising & Group Orders are finally EASY! 

We offer custom built online apparel stores for group and team orders.  Streamline your apparel orders and/or fundraising sales in a manner that will not only save you time, and your sanity, but that will also increase your organization’s fundraising success, while greatly decreasing the margin for errors and confusion throughout the ordering process.

We work closely with coaches and group leaders to develop a custom strategy that fits their needs and goals.  Whether you are looking to order shirts for a family reunion or raise money for your high school football team, we have a solution for you.

You Should Know:

  • Custom online stores built for you at NO additional cost or hidden mark-ups
  • Offer people a variety of options without all the hassle. YOU choose what styles and colors YOU want to offer, and THEY choose what THEY want to buy
  • Group apparel orders will be completed smoothly, and it will keep you organized. Churches, Family Reunions, Summer Camps – you name the group, we’ve got you covered
  • Everyone you share the link with will place their own order online, no more requesting or keeping track of t-shirt sizes, individual orders, and who has/hasn’t paid yet.
  • Fundraising made simple, we will mark-up the items for sale to the price you suggest and your organization will be given 100% of the profits
  • This is an amazing tool for fundraising, but it does not have to be a fundraiser
    • If you simply need a tool that helps you stay organized throughout group apparel orders there will be no mark-up added

How do we get started? How does it work?

  1. You pick out the apparel you would like to offer 
  2. We build your online store
  3. You approve the store and pricing
  4. Store goes LIVE and you share the link
  5. People make their purchases within a given time-frame
  6. We process and produce the orders
  7. Pick-up and shipment options are available depending on your needs

Check out this video to learn more. (It’s less than a minute and a half long)

We can help you maximize your efforts for any group, team, or organization! Contact us today to learn more.