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Graphic Designer: Jonathan Gibbons

While most of our employees are from Ellwood City or the surrounding areas, we are lucky to be represented by other parts of the East Coast! Say hello to one of our Graphic Designers, Jonathan Gibbons. Hailing from Cuba, New York, Jonathan attended BOCES vocational school for two years; from there he went on to attend Pittsburgh Technical Institute. He has an Associates of Science Degree, with a concentration in Graphic Design. He then made his way to the Ellwood Area to pursue a job with Venezie Sporting Goods and now currently lives in the Beaver Falls area.

Venezie Sporting Goods has been fortunate to have Jonathan on board for almost two years; his skills are unparalleled when it comes to creating custom designs for our customers. Regardless if it is a design from scratch or enhancing a vision of a customer, the end result is always full of dedication and creativity.

When it comes to working at Venezie’s, Jonthan enjoys the atmosphere and how everyone comes together to get the job done.

I really enjoy the way we all work as a team. Each day is different and I never know what to expect. When we’re having a bad day, we’re all having a bad day, but we stick it out together and raise each other up.

With each order comes new experiences, and Jonathan recollects all the memorable jobs he’s worked on. From first learning how to create an under base to receiving Thank You emails months after a job, there are many aspects Jonathan finds rewarding.

When he isn’t busy designing, his pastimes are still of the creative nature; hiking, gardening, drawing, illustrating, video games, and building computers are some of his favorite hobbies. Bet you didn’t expect that last one!

Thanks for all your hard work, Jonathan!