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Sr. Production Assistant: Jenn Weckerly


Say Hello to another stand-out teammate, Jenn Weckerly!

Born in Rochester, PA, Jenn is one of our loyal locals! As a kid, she attended Beaver Falls and transitioned to Blackhawk in 6th grade. After high school graduation, Jenn went on to study Business Data Processing for 2 years at Vocational Technical School. She then attended the Community College of Beaver County and pursed a career in nursing.

After a strong 20 years in the field of nursing, Jenn found herself ready for a change of pace. Working at Izzo’s for a year, Venezie Sporting Goods was happy to be able to bring Jenn on board as a full-time Production Assistant; time sure does fly, as she has been a true asset to our team since April 2017.  She has surpassed the odds and has been promoted to Sr. Production Assistant.

When asked what she likes most about working at Venezie’s, she instantly gives credit to the friendliness of her coworkers. With a solid work ethic and top notch organizational skills, Jenn carefully manages the ink inventory and silk screen chemical inventory for the store; with constant custom apparel orders occurring non-stop, this is certainly essential to stay on top of!

Being part of the silk screen production process, Jenn is able to see a lot of creative and also touching projects at her stations. The Austin Strong Online Fundraiser, benefiting a 16 year old boy (now cancer-free!!) was her most memorable, as it was in honor of one very close to her.

I picked out the artwork and picture that was used on the design for the shirts. Austin is battling leukemia and with this shirt fundraiser, we were able to raise money for him to put towards medical costs and for his Mom to get back and forth from the hospital and take him to his treatments.

Being able to print the majority of the shirts for the campaign also allowed a more personal connection to the project, which she greatly enjoyed. Most times, it is more than just a shirt.

In her spare time outside of the store, Jenn enjoys spending time with her 6 year old granddaughter and her nephews, who are 17 and 13. What is really interesting is that her talents are not just limited to silk screening; she also makes custom jewelry and would showcase her pieces to sell in Rogers, OH!

Thank you, Jenn for everything you do and continue to do, day in and day out!