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The 2nd Oldest Nonprofit in Beaver County

Did you know that basketball was invented in 1891, in Massachusetts, by a Canadian? It’s true.  James Naismith, a Canadian physical education instructor living in Springfield is the mastermind behind one of Venezie Sporting Good’s favorite sports. We tip our hats to you, ole chap!

Believe it or not, that same year, 129 years ago, The Beaver County YMCA began its good work within our local communities. Yes, you read that correctly, the Beaver County YMCA was initially founded in 1891, making it the second oldest nonprofit in Beaver County.  Their current location is actually its 4th within Beaver County after, Hopewell, Chippewa, and just a few miles away in New Brighton.  If you didn’t already know, they are truly a profound organization that is continually committed to strengthening our community by connecting all people to their potential, purpose, and each other. Working locally, The Beaver County YMCA focuses on empowering young people, improving health and well-being and inspiring action in and across communities.

Since November 2016, Venezie’s has had the pleasure of working closely with this YMCA’s personnel and we must say that the leadership within this organization is top notch.  They are graceful, confident and fiercely believe in their mission.  For the past few years, the Y has been utilizing our online store opportunity to give their staff easy access to employee apparel systematically and seamlessly. Our online store capabilities have restructured their ordering process and eliminated their need to place bulk orders, all while remaining at a low price point.   This updated ordering system helps them put more of their funding toward their mission and annual campaigns by reducing costs.  On top of everything else the online store offers, employees can even elect to have their apparel payment come directly out of their paychecks.  This makes for an even more seamless process that saves staff valuable time that is better spent on serving members and their community outreach.

If you have never taken a tour of their facility, we highly recommend that you do so that you can see for yourself how the Y delivers programs that fit every individual. They accomplish this by providing members with nearly limitless opportunities to meet their goals and live their healthiest lives. From yoga to cycling, weights to swimming, and nutrition to personal training, their team is readily available to help you find ways to improve your overall wellness.

“Thousands of lives have been impacted through our mission.” – Mike Harich, YMCA CEO

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In addition to their mission, the Beaver County YMCA believes that values and skills learned early on are vital building blocks for quality of life and future success. That’s why they offer dynamic programs for children and youth to enjoy.  Ranging from childcare to preschool, and after-school programs to summer camps, the Y places a lot of emphasis on developing resources to help provide future generations with the tools they need as the grow.

When it comes to wellness, nutrition, childcare, and numerous programs for both adults and youth, the YMCA is Beaver County’s solution provider. Their full time and seasonal employees are dedicated to improving lives, both physically and mentally.

Be sure to like their Facebook  page to stay up to date on their events throughout the year. March 3rd kicked off their annual campaign.

“We reached our $10,000 goal in 16 hours. The kick off event was filled with joy, excitement, and showcased our community strength. The day represented who we are…hope for so many in our community and as fun and exciting as the day was, let’s not lose sight to the fact the struggles in our county are real. Our programs which provide the joy and hope would not be possible without community support. So as we continue our campaign, we look our fellow community members to open their hearts and provide the financial support needed to continue our work right here in “our town”.

– Renee Sannon, VP of Operations

We are grateful to the YMCA for giving us the opportunity to not only build their online stores, but to also produce their monthly incentive apparel and promotional items.  They have really aided in the growth of Venezie Sporting Goods and Apparel.

“We can not thank them enough for taking a leap with us.  This partnership is near and dear to us, and we will continue to give back by participating in their events as well as helping with sponsorship’s when the opportunities arise.” Vanessa Venezie, VP Operations Venezie Sporting Goods

Now is a great time to be part of a community that is full of life. The Beaver County YMCA.