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Customer Service Assistant: Ashley Ripper

Another Ripper among us!

You read that right, Kory Ripper’s better half, Ashley, has joined our team, too!  Ashley is married to our auto press operator, Kory.

Originally from Butler, Pa, Ashley went to Butler High School and graduated in 2006.  Her and Kory have a 17 year old dog and a 5 year old cat who are near and dear to their hearts.

Ashley joined VSGA in May of 2021 after coming from a customer service background of over 10 years!

Ellwood City has been home since 2019 but Ashley loves to travel to new places as much as she possibly can.  She loves anywhere with a beach!  Logging all the trips on social media is one of her favorite things to do in addition to spending time with her family, friends, and taking walks with Kory and their dog, Harley.

In July of 2021, Ashley connected on a new business outreach attempt with LSSE.  It sticks out in her mind because that was her first commission bonus!  She was so proud to have helped the customer to their custom apparel needs.  It is especially cool when she puts an order in at he front desk and it ends up on Kory’s press!  All in all, she says she loves working with everyone at VSGA.

Fun fact:  You can catch Ashley at a karaoke night as she loves that, too!