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Production Assistant: Blaze Herrmann

We ‘figured it out’ that Blaze would fit in perfect at VSGA!

There are many days where we have different situations going on and needs within our store whether they are related to our decoration processes or not, Blaze Herrman can tackle just about anything!  He is a true diamond in the rough!  Blaze came to us from the recycling industry.  His mechanical knowledge, and ‘figure it out’ mentality has allowed him to advance at VSGA in a short time.  Blaze started as our Delivery/Utility Assistant and after almost a year has moved into a Production Assistant position where he screen prints garments daily and does not hesitate to jump in wherever needed.

Dad of 2 and one on the way, Blaze loves playing with his kids and video games in his free time.  With a full crew and 3 dogs there is never a dull moment.  Chicago was home to Blaze for 8 years until his family ended up in 16117.  Two amazing things came out of his move, he met his high school sweetheart, Kellie, and graduated from Riverside High School.  Blaze knows how to make us laugh at work and keeps us all smiling!  He said he really gets along well with his manager and is really starting to feel at home with everyone. 

His most memorable order so far are the Halloween Body Shop Group Fitness shirts and tanks.  He said it was fun to print and seeing the end result with people wearing them in the community was really cool to be a part of.

Blaze, we are SO thankful for you and your commitment to excellence here at VSGA.