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Production Assistant: Christina Frampton

Being in the right place at the right time is how one of our most versatile Production Assistants landed at Venezie Sporting Goods.  It’s not everyday you walk in the doors somewhere and walk out with a job.  Christina Frampton did just that on November 11th, 2019.

Christina brought with her experience in our industry not only working for another decorator but also within the confines of her own home.  She saw the growth and commitment we have to our community and wanted to be a part of it.

Not only does she build a life for herself custom decorating, Christina raises her two beautiful girls, Jaidyn and Brooklyn.  Born and raised in Shenango Township, her parents live right beside her and her brother isn’t far, either!  Her family doesn’t stop there.  With 3 cats and 1 dog, their furry friends bring lots of love and laughs to their home.

There are so many more hobbies and activities that Christina enjoys.  Camping, fishing, kayaking, and swimming just to name a few.  Mystery books go well on rainy days and just spending time with her family are what makes her happiest.  Dance was always a big part of her and her girls’ lives as well.

Staying local is how Christina rolls!  She graduated from Shenango High School and her daughters still wear the school colors today.  She tried out a few other industries but always came back to professions that involve making something whether it be crafts or shirts, she is great at it all!

In just a little over a year, Christina has not only trained on embroidery but has added screen printing to her current repertoire.  Christina can cut vinyl, screen print, custom heat seal, and embroider.

Christina’s most memorable job that she has worked on so far are the R.E.D  shirts for a military deployment.  She has had many friends and family members sacrifice for our country, so it really hit home when she was working on them. She is a true asset to our business and we are happy to have her as a part of our family!