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Sr. Production Assistant: Alyssa Dismuke

A business is only as good as its employees, and we are excited to introduce our next spotlight!

Meet Alyssa Dismuke, Sales/Printing Assistant for Venezie Sporting Goods! Like many of her coworkers, she was born and raised in our town, Ellwood City. Graduating from Lincoln High School in 2016, Alyssa then went on to pursue her passion in the beauty industry. Just a year later, she became a graduate of the Beaver Falls Beauty Academy.

What is really special about Alyssa is that she has been with Venezie’s since the doors opened on Lawrence Avenue in the Spring of 2015! Knowing the ins and outs of the store processes is an understatement, and her knowledge proves vital to the team every single day. A big reason for the store’s success is that our team is well-rounded in their experience and also flexible with change. Alyssa has been one of the backbones of the company, especially with providing support through all the changes the store has undergone since opening. She has seen the production room grow from one dryer to two, as well as helped transition from one manual press to four manuals and an automatic! When the store evolves, so do their employees, and Alyssa is no exception!

As a Sales/Printing Assistant, Alyssa can do anything from addressing customer inquiries and running the register to creating custom apparel, primarily on the heat press machine. When asked about her favorite part about working at Venezie’s, she too, is quick to mention the people on her team. In addition to enjoying the company of her coworkers, she likes the exposure she gets to all the custom designs that continuously come through our doors and across her station; one of her most memorable pieces was a design created for a friends and family fundraiser in honor of a very good friend of hers, Dakota Kennedy.

“She holds a special place in our hearts since she is one of the original employees from when we first opened. We never want her to leave!” ~ Vanessa Venezie, Mgr

When Alyssa is not working at Venezie’s, she continues to keep a busy schedule as a nail technician, makeup artist and hair stylist.

Next time you are in the store, join us in thanking her for an awesome job over the years!!